Once a Filipino, always a Filipino.



Every race differs from one another. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that make them distinct from the others. One race that varies from other ethnic group is the Filipino race. This race is one of a kind and I am glad to be a part of it. The fact that I am a Filipino makes me proud of being one, makes me unique from the others, makes me aware of the country’s problems and makes me a good servant-follower.

I can explicitly say that I am honoured to be a Filipino. Filipinos have a lot of things to be proud of. We excel in almost every aspect. Even though we are discriminated by other races, we should continue to admire and praise the Philippines. Furthermore, many international artists and great inventions came from our country. One example is Manny Pacquiao. Because of his marvellous skills and capabilities, he was able to bring glory to our country. He was able to flabbergast other people of what a Filipino can do. Another example is the invention of the water fuel. Many countries were astounded when a simple Filipino created such a great invention. They were all interested of the concept of the water fuel. Hence, most Filipinos have innovative minds that make us special in our own way.

Filipinos are different from one another. Each one has his or her own qualities that make him or her unique from the others. However, despite of each one’s uniqueness, the values possessed by our ancestors still reign from generation to generation. First, the value of hospitality. In every part of the country, Filipinos happily welcome their visitors. They make sure that the vacation of that person would be worth it and he or she will have a good time in his or her entire stay. Second, the value of kindness.  I have encountered a lot of tourists who said that we, Filipinos are kind in every simple way. The way we say a simple “Good Morning!” makes a great difference among the others. Our accent and facial expression shows that we are happy to see them and we are pleased to have them.  On the other hand, the way other races greet people shows formality. Thus, the way we greet is way better than the others for it makes the person we converse with feel welcomed. Lastly, the value of respect. In the Philippines, social discrimination is not that high in percentage. Most Filipinos respect every person regardless of their race. Moreover, Filipino children are taught to give respect to one another especially the elders.

As we all know, our country is facing a lot of problems.  Despite of these problems, I am still hoping that can surpass these glitches that come our way. Like what God said, “Do your best and I’ll do the rest.” This saying is really an inspiring one. God is willing to do everything for us. If only every Filipino set a goal in their life and strive hard to achieve it, we can overcome different social issues. In addition, our president is not the only one responsible for all the problems coming our way, we, too, have our own responsibilities as a Philippine citizen. We can lend our help by the simple act of throwing the garbage in its proper place. Through this, we can lessen the destruction of our environment and promote a healthful living.  Also, we can alleviate corruption by starting in our homes. The simple act of cheating can lead to a greater form of evil. Thus, we should eradicate these simple bad thoughts before it turns to its worst.

As a La Sallian, I am confident enough that the values I learned from St. John Baptist de La Salle transformed me into a better person. Firstly, I am a child of God. I will use my knowledge about God to encourage others to strengthen their faith in Him for He alone can help us. He is the source of everything, thus, He knows what is best for His people. Secondly, I am a servant. I believe that in order to be a good leader, one must be a good follower. I will serve my country with pride and honour. I will use my engineering skills to help in the improvement of our nation. Lastly, I am an inspiration. I know that I am not the best among the rest but I am certain that I can still be an inspiration to others just like St. La Salle. The thought of simply being a good role model to others and being true to myself can inspire others to do the same. Hence, De La Salle University taught me values that made me into a better and stronger person.

Indeed, Filipinos possess qualities that are different from the others. I am happy to be a part of this race. Although others discriminate us, it will not hinder me to admire and to give honour to my country. I believe that, “Once a Filipino, always a Filipino.” Hence, I will always be a Filipino in mind and in heart. I AM KATHLENE MARIE KHAN GAURANA and I AM A CERTIFIED FILIPINO.


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That’s so annoying!

An innocent endorser. Reprinted from Examples of Iritating Advertisements, in Google, n.d., from, http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?q=example+of+irritating+advertisements. Cigarette does the job. Reprinted from Examples of Foul Advertisements, in Google, n.d., from, http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?q=foul+advertisement+examples.

Cigarette does the job. Reprinted from Examples of Foul Advertisements, in Google, n.d., from, http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?q=foul+advertisement+examples.An innocent endorser. Reprinted from Examples of Iritating Advertisements, in Google, n.d., from, http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?q=example+of+irritating+advertisements. Cigarette does the job. Reprinted from Examples of Foul Advertisements, in Google, n.d., from, http://www.google.com.ph/imgres?q=foul+advertisement+examples.

Because of the various technological advancements, people have been competing with each other about their own products. They have been looking for every possible way to advertise their merchandise. Every single businessman thinks of creative ways to make their products saleable, to contend with their competitors and to gain more profit. Sometimes, because of too much greediness, they even use advertisements that convey a bad impression especially to the youth. Furthermore, other advertisements promoted by some businessmen are annoying because it does not suggest any good message at all. Here are some examples of irritating advertisements:

As we all know, babies are creatures created by God’s own image and likeness. Therefore, they should be treated with full respect. They are too fragile to be injured. In this advertisement, they used the innocent body of the little creature to endorse their companies. In my own opinion, I am against this advertisement. It strongly irritates me. Why? First, it is fully improper to use the body of the baby for it conveys a bad message especially to the youth. Second, the child is an impropriate endorser for he does not even know what he is endorsing. He was not even given a chance to give his opinion about the companies he will be endorsing. Lastly, it shows disrespectfulness of God’s creation. They used the body of the baby in an improper way. They vandalize the whole body of the child just to gain more profit. Thus, too much usage of God’s given gifts like the innocent body of the babies will result to a mind-set to the children that it is okay to contempt our body as well as the body of others.  Hence, businessmen should not think only of themselves, they should also think of what will happen to the viewers if they publicize their product with an inappropriate endorser.

In this photo, it is clearly shown that men dominate the world. It shows that they are higher than women in almost everything. Based on the cliché, girls are just followers of men.  Because of these, the ad really irritates me. First, without women, men cannot survive. Why? Because women are the ones who take good care of men. They give love and support to men and they encourage men to strive hard to have a good future. Second, women also play a big role in the society. Women are the easier to talk to than men. Third, this ad degrades the standards of women. It is showing that men can simply control us. We are like toys that follow whatever men say or dictate. Lastly, it depicts gender equality. Men and women are just equal. No one dominates the other. Each must respect one another for every single person has the capacity to do whatever others can do.

Advertisements play a big role in the world of business. It is a gateway to the success of a certain business. However, because of too much desperation of some businessmen, they tend to forget the true essence of making an advertisement; instead, they just think of ways to entertain people and do not even think of its dreadful effects to the youth. It is like they are teaching another mind-set to teenagers that they can do anything they want as long as they benefit from it. As a student, I am very irritated of the two advertisements above because it shows impoliteness to human body. In fact, they are using humans for wealth and power. In addition, money plays a big role in the life of every person. It almost controls everything. Thus, we must be careful of every single thing we do. Furthermore, advertisements must be used wisely. It must be used for the betterment of everyone. The people involve should consider its pros and cons. Also, in every advertisement they make, they should include at least one lesson that we, viewers, might learn from. Hence, each one should do his or her part in this change. Let’s fight together for a better and more productive community.


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A Country’s Progression

For the past few years, Filipino people have been hoping of having a good lifestyle, better governance and a brighter future. Today, because of our beloved president, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, these hopes and dreams are deliberately coming to reality. President Noynoy is slowly fulfilling his promises to the Filipino people. He is starting to change the bad governance and he is building up a new, incorrupt government. Furthermore, he is using his power to help all of us especially the poorest of the poor. He is trying his best to alleviate poverty and corruption. In his SONA, he sighted some of the projects that he already completed and other plans that he will be accomplishing. He stated about the wang-wang, the over-importation, and the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.

The eradication of “wang-wang” not just affected the streets, but also the collective mind-set of the people. Like what our president said, “wang-wang” symbolizes abuse of authority, thus, elimination of this opened the possibility of improvement. Before, “wang-wang” was abused by corrupt government officials. They used it to violate traffic rules and for their personal purposes. The abolition of this is an advantage for us Filipinos because we may improve on our lives with a fair treatment.

Over-importation of rice has been one of the problems of the old government. In fact, because of the endless effort of our new government officials, they were able to give a solution to this problem. Our rice production is slowly increasing. Through this, Filipinos, especially the poor, will have more chance of having to eat three meals a day. The number of famished individuals will lessen. For instance, more supply of rice means decrease in price, thus, poor people will have enough money to buy food. Furthermore, it might open to new job opportunities. For example, if the government requires the citizens to have their rice planted, harvested and purchased here in the country, then, more human power is needed. Therefore, more farmers are needed by the planters to cultivate their land.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is a program that aims to assist poor families improve their lives. This is a very helpful program because it doesn’t teach the poor to be dependent; instead, it intends to encourage them to work hard in order to progress. They will also be inspired to work because they know that they are supported by the government. Furthermore, it promotes less crime rate in the country. If every Filipino has a work, then he won’t have to do something illegal to make a living. He will spend more of his time on his work and he won’t have time to think of other unwholesome thoughts that might lead to an offense. Moreover, this program stimulates unity in every Filipino.

As a college student, I have learned a lot from the SONA of our president. It made me aware of the things happening in our country. Personally, I don’t know some points stated in his SONA. I am not fully aware of some of his projects, but I still believe that he is doing his best to help his countrymen. Furthermore, some projects stated in his SONA can be seen already. One example is the decrease in crime rate. The number of criminals has declined already and justice is slowly prevailing. Moreover, his SONA also highlighted three important values: unity, justice and camaraderie. These three values are what we need in order to progress.

The SONA of our president opened more hopes of having a brighter future. It highlighted the various projects implemented by the government which are helpful to the Filipinos. Also, it stated the upcoming projects of our government that are beneficial to us.  Furthermore, the SONA somewhat made me happy because our president is taking an action on the needs of his people. He is doing something to address our concerns. In addition, government officials are also maximizing their power to support each and every one of us. They are helping one another to build up a good and prosperous country. As an individual, I am very thankful that we are already starting to progress. We are in the momentum of growing as a one, united country. I am hoping that this will continue from generations to generations. Lastly, I want to do my part in this process of development. I want to be the change I want to see in the future.

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Maxilyn Chua Tan, an innovative teenager

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  A Chinese by blood and by heart, Maxilyn Chua Tan is a strong person with a very unique personality. She was born last February 4, 1993 to her parents, Tessie Chua Tan and Patrocinio Co Tan. She has a … Continue reading

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Imperfect Inspiration


A blind man widens his senses. He feels the wind’s sweet caress on his dark brown skin, the sun on his innocent face and the scent of mildew filled his wits. He was unaided. It seems like he was enjoying his time of being alone with nature. Though he is on his own, he looked happy and contented. He seems to be confident enough to walk on a rough, curvy road without anybody accompanying him. He is audacious.

Upon seeing this extraordinary picture, heaps of beautiful and wild thoughts came into my mind. I was filled with bewilderment while observing the portrait. It hit me right through my apathetic heart. Then, I began to meditate on the things that I have been doing as a person for the past few years. The picture inspired me to appreciate every single thing that I have and allowed me to reflect on my relationship with myself.

One single glance at the picture, my heart suddenly melted. It is so wonderful that no words can explain how much I like it. At first, I thought that the man walking was just a normal, recluse man, but when I took a closer look, I was shocked when I saw a pair of glasses on his impaired eyes. From that moment on, I was inspired when I saw the blind man walking all by himself. Though he has malady, he is still brave enough to go outside his house and explore the chaotic world we have right now. Even though he can’t see anything, he still enjoys what he feels and gives importance to whatever he has. He makes use of his other senses to appreciate the beauty of nature. Furthermore, he motivated and challenged me to do the same. I realized that nothing is impossible if you have faith and trust in yourself and in God. He inspired me to explore on new things.  He stirred me to be brave enough to discover my other talents and capabilities. Also, he taught me to appreciate every simple thing here on earth. I began to appreciate the gifts given to me by God especially the gift of life and having a complete, healthy body. He provided me with a body that I should take good care for others lacks some parts of it. Nevertheless, I felt so useless because a blind man like him makes an effort to do something productive while a woman like me, who is complete with five senses, does not use what I have to do something fruitful.

Seeing the picture made me think about my journey in life. I reflected on my works for the past fifteen years. I realized that I have done lots of mistakes already. I wasted a lot of my time doing nothing. I regret those times when I did not use my time wisely. Then, I began to ask myself, “Where am I now?”, and that question stroked me so hard. I do not know exactly if I made something prolific in my few years of stay in this world. I was so jealous of the blind man. He may be blind but he did something good in his life. I wanted to be like him. Moreover, when I saw the blind man walking alone towards his house, I began to understand how hard life is. Like the blind man, I am also walking on my journey towards success. The reward may still be far away but I am trying my best to reach my goals and dreams. I am still in the middle of my journey. The road I am currently taking is a bumpy road just like the road that the man is walking on. However, that roughness or those problems that I am facing right now and will be facing in the future will never hinder to keep on moving on and striving hard to succeed. This picture will serve as my inspiration to aim high and never give up on anything.

Indeed, the picture is so faultless for it conveyed so many beautiful things about life itself. It can inspire a lot of people especially students like me. I learned a lot from this one, simple picture in just one, single glance. First is the value of hard work. This photograph taught me to be patient enough to work hard to be successful. Second is the value of determination. In life, we are given different difficulties that need an elucidation. In order to surpass these problems, one must be determined enough to face everything.  Though we have a lot of imperfections, it should not hinder us from doing the things we want. These inadequacies should serve as our inspiration to work hard to be able to reach the peak of success. Lastly, the value of gratitude. Every immense thing in this world came from minute things. Nobody was born to be better than the others. We are all equal thus; we have the capacity to do what others can do. Furthermore, one thing I learned from this picture: We are perfect in our own imperfect way.

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A Cycle of Destruction

According to Mohandas K. Gandhi, “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.”  Indeed, people nowadays have been too insatiable. They tend to disrupt the environment and use its beauty for their own satisfaction. Our life here on earth is just an unending cycle, we destroy the environment, we experience different problems and we find ways to fix what we have done.

Nowadays, we have been experiencing lots of catastrophes all over the world. Because of the overzealous attempts of humans to develop the world around them, they tend to annihilate the natural resources and use it for their innovation. Today, there have been many reports about flash floods, landslides and earthquakes.  Many places have been experiencing several of these things and many people have been hurt too. Why? This is because our beloved mother nature has already been damaged. Many are suffering because of each one’s wrong doing. One example is when we abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us.  We use land in building huge factories which contributes to the devastation of the environment. The smoke coming out from the factory pollutes the air, thus, leading to air pollution. Because of this, our ozone layer, the layer that protects us from the ultraviolet rays, is also damaged. Another example is when we abuse the trees given to us by God. Many people have been practicing illegal logging. They cut trees without even replacing it. Because of this, even a little rainfall that we experience results to flood. Another example is when we waste water and throw our trash in the wrong place. We, humans, don’t conserve water at all. Also, sometimes, even our simple act of not throwing our trash in its proper place can lead to water pollution. The trash that are thrown everywhere especially to the rivers pollutes the water and contaminates it. Thus, people are infected with different diseases. Furthermore, because of the different pollutions and problems that we have been experiencing, a lot of people are hurt. That’s why we should start altering our wrong doings.

As agents of change, we must try to lessen our inhumane doings to the surroundings and change for the better. We should start the transformation from the least problem which are found in our home and in the community. First, we should throw our garbage in its proper place. Through this, we could minimize the possibility of having floods. The lesser the trash, the more ways for the water to flow freely. Also, there won’t be landslides and other calamities.  Second, we should preserve water and energy. Through this, we could help in conserving and protecting our Mother Nature. Lastly, we should encourage others to do the same.  We must persuade them to do their part in saving Mother Earth. If we all work together, we’ll have a better place to live in. We can live peacefully and happily.

Indeed, we have been living in a chaotic world, a place full of greediness and miseries. As human beings, we are responsible for our every action. Thus, we must take care of the things given to us by God. Today, many have been too concentrated on their own lives. Many are too ignorant and they simply care for less. They tend to be insensitive and forget about the needs of others. To minimize the possibility of having diverse problems, we should live in simplicity. We should try to set apart our wants from our needs. We should be contented with what we have. We should be the change we want to see in the world. Moreover, we should start within ourselves and make a big difference.

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